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Legislative Agenda & Task Forces

2023 Legislative Agenda

SBAM’s proactive policy agenda gives policymakers direction and insight from Michigan small business owners. These tenets represent our approach to creating an environment of success for small business.

Small Business Needs People – Business needs people with the right skills to meet their demand

People Need Place – People need communities that are growing and present a high quality of life to them

Place Needs Small Business – Our communities need small businesses to remain thriving

2023 Legislative Agenda
Flowchart describing SBAM's Legislative Action Council Process

Task Forces

SBAM utilizes the combined expertise of membership Task Forces and our Legislative Action Council (LAC) to make recommendations to the SBAM Board of Directors with regard to SBAM’s policy positions.  These positions are based on what is best for Michigan’s small businesses.  SBAM’s three registered lobbyists carry out the direction of the LAC and the Board in order to effect good policy procedures on behalf of SBAM members.

Details and reports from recent Task Forces are shared below.

abstract earth and internet connections

Broadband Task Force Findings

In the post pandemic era, many small businesses have changed where and how they work. Business operations are becoming increasingly dependent on cloud-based technology, more industries have trended toward remote or hybrid work models, and work is more mobile than ever. High-speed internet access plays an increasingly critical role in our workplaces.

SBAM has determined broadband expansion and increased access to high-speed internet services to be an important priority for the current and future success of small businesses. Our Broadband Task Force convened in order to provide valuable feedback and recommendations on how resources might be best deployed to support entrepreneurs, small businesses, and their employees.

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Form for Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment Insurance Task Force Findings

Michigan is fortunate to have more than 170,000 small businesses with employees; all of whom pay into the unemployment system. In recent years, business owners have faced enormous and unprecedented challenges requiring perseverance and determination to survive. The unemployment system has been a source of frustration during these times as business owners often felt as though the system created a deterrent to working, especially during the pandemic.

The Small Business Association of Michigan assembled a task force of small business owners and their human resources staff to discuss experiences, identify challenges, and propose solutions to problems within the existing system. This task force serves as the source of employer perspective that SBAM brings to the UIA Modernization Workgroup.

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COVID-19 Task Force Findings

With the uncertainty COVID-19 has brought to Michigan’s small business community, SBAM has organized a specific COVID-19 Policy Task Force to develop and drive a small business agenda on what steps need to be taken at a State and Federal level beyond the reopening schedule. While we begin discussing reopening our economy safely, we need to make sure legislators and regulators are mindful of the myriad of issues that need to be addressed in near and intermediate time frames.

We intend for this task force to remain active through at least the end of the year so expect this document to continue to be updated as changes arise.

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Immigration Task Force Findings

SBAM is committed to promoting common-sense immigration reform that will strengthen Michigan’s economy as well as attract talent and business to our state. Talent is the number one challenge facing Michigan employers and we recognize the critical role national and state immigration policy will play in driving continued economic growth. See what the Immigration Task Force’s findings were by downloading the full report.

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Tax Task Force Findings

Small businesses are significant investors in state government. While we are proud of the economic success that enables us to create opportunities for others and contribute toward the operation of government, we expect the burden to be shared fairly by all who benefit from government services. Michigan should aim to have a simple yet equitable taxation system that promotes economic growth and prosperity while cultivating an environment friendly to entrepreneurs and innovation. See what the Tax Task Force’s findings were by downloading the full report.

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