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Wednesday Wisdom

Tips, Resources, Advice And Best Practices For Small Business Owners

SBAM’s Wednesday Wisdom videos are focused on tips, resources, advice and best practices for small business owners from small business owners. You can view archived videos here if you are logged in. Be sure to follow along with SBAM on social media for the latest in #WednesdayWisdom postings as well as other #Owner2Owner resources.

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David Burke | Alliance Counseling

On this edition of #WednesdayWisdom we talk with David Burke, LPC of Alliance Counseling Group. David shares his perspective on hard working and using data to support productivity and strategy.

Andrew Gauthier | Groovy Donuts

On this edition of Wednesday Wisdom we talk with Andrew Gauthier of Groovy Donuts in East Lansing and Williamston. Andrew shares his perspective on knowing what you don’t know, not being afraid to ask questions and being receptive to critique.

Jessica Starks | Transworld Business Advisors

On this week’s Wednesday Wisdom we hear from Jessica Starks of Transworld Business Advisors. Jessica shares the importance of surrounding yourself with an A-team of business advisors during the process of selling your business.

Sue Justice | Emery HR

On this week’s Wednesday Wisdom Sue Justice, founder and president of Emery HR, shares how to create an excellent employee experience for retention.

Art Betancourt | AEBetancourt

On today’s Wednesday Wisdom, Art Betancourt of AEBetancourt Talent Development Insourcing talks about the three things that most impact their growth and success.

Mike Bird | Michigrain Distillery

On this week’s #WednesdayWisdom Mike Bird, Co-owner of Michigrain Distillery, talks about the importance of “team” relative to business growth.

Rhett Rowe | Great Lakes Business Credit

Rhett Rowe, CEO of Great Lakes Business Credit, shares #WednesdayWisdom on listening more than you speak and treating others with respect.

Catherine Behrenbriner | Symplicity Communications, Inc.

Catherine Behrenbrinker, President and CEO of Symplicity Communications, Inc., shares #WednesdayWisdom based on a book called Creating Magic.

Justin Caine | Good Fruit Video

Good Fruit Video’s Justin Caine shares his “delegate and elevate” perspective in today’s #WednesdayWisdom. 

Marion Siebert | Brightly

Brightly Co-Founder Marion Siebert shares their secret to hiring for retention in today’s #WednesdayWisdom. 

Matthew Anderson | Leadership Coaching for Results

Today on Wednesday Wisdom Matthew Anderson of Leadership Coaching for Results, talks about his new book, There’s No Such Thing as Right and Wrong and suggests ways to turn conflict into collaboration.

Sue Justice | Emery HR

On this episode of Wednesday Wisdom Sue Justice of Emery HR, tells small business owners about the importance of authenticity, curiosity and networking for small business growth.

Kim Bode | 8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications

Kim Bode says, “If you don’t define your culture, your culture will define itself.”

Mark & Dara Mayhoe | Wiseman Tree Experts

Mark & Dara Mayhoe have been Wiseman Tree Experts for over 25 years!

Jeff Ahola | The Ahola Corporation

CEO of the Ahola Corporation, Jeff Ahola, describes advice he received years ago about niche marketing for your business.

Kim Bode | 8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications

Kim Bode, owner of 8THIRTYFOUR Integrated Communications, talks about the importance of establishing company culture at your organization.

Russ Knopp | Comfort Keepers – Traverse City

Knopp shares advice on the value of outsourcing your HR for better peace of mind.

Jon Tellier | JetCo Solutions

Jon Tellier gives a few tips from JetCo’s office moving experience to help other business owners who also might need to move offices now or in the future.

Mike Schipper | insITe Business Solutions

Mike Schipper gives owner advice on being an entrepreneur and how it’s important to step out of your comfort zone sometimes.

Scott Millen | 2 Fish Company

Scott Millen explains the importance of treating your employees and clients like family.

Mike Harris | Worksighted

Mike Harris has advice for his younger self, and for business owners now, “Lean into the difficult situations.”

Tiffany Dowling | M3 Group

Tiffany Dowling encourages businesses to take a look at their branding every couple of years because business is always changing.

Matt Resch | Resch Strategies

Matt Resch reminds us that our relationships are critically important in the work that we do everyday.

Cari DeLamielleure | Batter Up Bistro

Cari DeLamielleure encourages small business owners to be courageous throughout their business journey.

Lorri Rishar | Edge Partnerships

Lorri Rishar shares why business owners need to look for inspiration, even if you find it in the smallest of ways.

Kellie Haines | AXIOS HR

We talked with Kellie Haines, President of AXIOS HR. Her advice to business owners or hiring managers, “surround yourself with outstanding people.”

Daniel Cherrin | North Coast Strategies

Advice of the day from a PR Strategist: “Listen”.

Amy Cell | Amy Cell Talent

Learn from Amy Cell about the two things you should take into account first before posting a job.

Sherif Farghal | Pyramid Consulting

Culture and talent are just two of the things Sherif has learned while building and expanding his business.

Larry Faragalli | Brightly

Larry’s advice to business owners, from a creative and software standpoint, is to ask yourself “What do you consider success to be and how do you want to measure that?” before moving forward.

Michael Ritsema | i3 Business Solutions

“Technology marches on.” Learn tips on how to improve your organization’s technology.

Scott Sharp | S. Lawrence & Co.

Learn how to transition your business to the next generation.

Missy Trudell & Todd Wallis | Paper Image Printing

On the brink of closing down over 5 year ago, Missy and Todd share the story of how they transformed Paper Image into the award-winning, thriving, almost debt-free business it is today.

Beth Kelly | HR Collaborative

For all entrepeneurs out there, don’t go into it alone! The more you partner with other businesses to help out in areas of your business you can’t always focus on, the more your business can grow.

Kevin Heinl | Brooks Kushman PC

Learn about intellectual property and how to protect the creations of your business.

Sue Tellier | JetCo Federal Supply

Hear from Sue Tellier on the importance of advocacy for small businesses.

Dale Keipert | 3Sixty Interactive

Learn important tips on digital marketing for your business!

Gwendolyn Davis-Yancey | Davis-Yancey Law & Associates, PLLC

Who is your ideal client, what problem is your business going to solve, and how is your business going to solve it? Gwen answers these questions with her own advice “Get your grit and align your grit with your purpose!”

Keith Huckaby | TGG Solutions

What do successful business owners do? Listen to Keith Huckaby as he reveals two key solutions to this question.

Jon Kolbasa | Value Engineering

3 Tips on becoming a better business owner according to expert in the engineering field, Jon Kolbasa.

Jennifer Jurgens | 1 Bold Step

Listen to owner and CEO Jennifer Jurgens share her top 3 tips for other business owners.

Adrienne Bennett | Benkari

Adrienne discusses the plumbing and skilled trades industries and how there is a boom in the industries, but a shortage of skilled trades workers.

Tom Stroup | Valaset Services LLC

Today’s wisdom is about staying focused on your company’s long-term goals and hiring quality employees.

Nate McFadden | Elevator Service Inc

New Year’s Resolution: Zoom out and take stock on what’s going well and what you can improve on.

Erick Stewart | STEWART Industries

“Go with your gut.”

Chad Paalman | NuWave Technology Partners

What are some aspects that a small business owner should embody? Listen to founder, CEO and 2018-2019 SBAM chair Chad Paalman for his opinion on the matter.

Joe Marr | Sandler Training

Top 3 tips for new business owners!

Phil Mitchell | Kroon & Mitchell

3 Financial tips for your small business!

Kimberly Dokes | Dokes Design Architecture

We asked Kimberly what 3 pieces of advice she could give her younger self.

Arthur Cole | Cole, Newton & Duran CPAs | Livonia

What do you value as a small business owner? Arthur shares what values you should focus on as a small business owners.

Amy Ritsema | OnSite Wellness

Listen to Amy talk about health and wellness tips for business owners and their employees.

Kathie Fuce-Hobohm | SPACE Inc.

Every business owner is going to face challenges. Learn from Kathie on how to face your challenges.

Jeff Farrington | Focus CFO

Hear Jeff’s 4 Tips for small business owners.

Tom Cook | HR Collaborative

Tom’s advice stems from one word: prevent.

Glenda Locke | The Speech Language Learning Center | Flint

Is your business following your mission statement?

Drew Veach | Corp. Color

Hire based on culture, not skill-set, according to Drew Veach.

Adam Zuwerink | West Michigan Law

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Jason Verlinde | RFT Search Group

Do you have a mentor? Hear Jason Verlinde’s experience with his own mentor.

David Fant | Market Mapping Plus

“It doesn’t matter what you do, how many employees you have, or what your goals are. At the end of the day, you’re a small business owner.”

Sheri Welsh | Welsh & Associates

Learn 3 tips from owner Sheri Wesh on executive recruiting for small business owners.

Matt Dibble | Final 5

“Be patient.”

Kris Spaulding | Brewery Vivant

What’s the importance of having your values thread throughout your business?

Karen Smoots | Green Glove Dryer/KMS Designs

Burn the Business Plan

Brian Town | Michigan Creative

“Stop complaining and run your company.”

Justin Caine | Good Fruit Video

Specialize. Work on your business. Look for untapped talent.

Patrick Dean | Dean Transportation

Why does your business exist?

Jason Dodge | BlackTruck Media + Marketing

3 tips to take control of your local search presence!

Kevin Budelmann | Peopledesign

“People will support what they help build.”

Dave Townsend | Awecomm

IT and the connection to business results.

Jason Miller | BitLyft

CEO and founder, Jason Miller shares his advice on how to help other business owners be successful.